Winter Production

O, a retractatio of Shakespeare’s Othello.  Honor, jealousy, betrayal and the fall of a warrior.

A modernized version of “Othello” as seen through the lens of “Law and Order”. Othello, head of a specialized FBI unit, falls prey to the machinations of one of his oldest and most trusted agents, Iago and slowly succumbs to a monstrous jealousy. Based on the Folio text, this scaled-down and streamlined version brings Shakespeare’s notions of honor, jealousy and betrayal into a world entirely recognizable for a contemporary audience.

Premiere February 7th 2019 in the Internationales Theater Frankurt

What we do

English language classical theater for Frankfurt.

Shakespeare Frankfurt is committed to text-based storytelling and utilizes classical and modern theatrical techniques to tell stories that are relevant and accessible to a modern audience. Whether with Shakespeare or new plays, we focus on a generous and flexible environment for artists to grow in.

Clarity, dialogue, and community are three of our guiding principles in bringing classical stories to the uniquely international community that is Frankfurt. In all our work the author’s story is in the primary focus, but the staging lifts the socially relevant themes to stimulate the minds of our culturally diverse, international audience.

Shakespeare is a universal playwright we immediately identify with for classical theater. But we don’t perform only Shakespeare. Works by Moliere, Marlow, Schiller, Chaucer, Lope de Vega etc. in English translation or original versions are on our planning list.  This autumn we present “ An Enemy of the People” by Henrik Ibsen with the German premiere of a new translation by Deborah Dawkin and Erik Skuggevik (By arrangement with Penguin Books Ltd, a Penguin Random House company). In winter a lively staging “Lysistra” by Aristophanes will also rock the stages of the Internationales Theater, where we play our 2018/19 season. Both productions are modern english translations to appeal to a modern audience and intentions of the authors.

Who we are

Tracey Grey

Managing Artistic Director

I have discovered a particular passion for Theatre Production. As an actress I was always inspired by the art in staging: design for lighting, costume and sound. As an educator I have a passion for working with the actors to enhance their skills for the stage, and as a person I enjoy the communication with the audience.”

PJ Escobio

Artistic Director

It all starts with a great story and I love stories.  It’s why I chose a career in theatre. But its more than that; its collaboration. A big part of what I do is to bring artists from multiple disciplines together.  That collaboration acts as a conduit for the play and  becomes “cultural research and development”. By doing what we do, I get to tell amazing stories with inspiring people.

Open-Air Theatre in the Botanical Garden Frankfurt
Shakespeare in the Garden

Impressive Scenery

The stage is the botanical Garden Frakfurt. The audience accompany the actors through the garden and experience a dynamic, animated performance in the original text. The story is communicated through the gestures and physical relationships.

Unique Atmosphere

The story comes alive with music and the breath-taking atmosphere of the garden. Audiences leave the performance enchanted and enriched by this theatrical „adventure“.

How to find us

Enjoy an unforgettable evening in magical surroundings.


Monday - Friday: 11:00-16:00

We are here

Hasengasse 21, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0)69-26 49 01 93
Fax: +49 (0)69-26 49 01 94